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Fort Sam

Renovation of the West Wing Historical Building 16

Statement of Work: Scope of Work: AMG successfully designed the structural shoring and demo of an interior rock rubble wall that was 2 feet thick. The span of this structural reinforcement proposed several challenges. AMG rose to the challenge and successfully provided exceptional quality of finished work. Additionally, within this scope, AMG successfully gutted and fully remodeled the interior of the four bays (141-144) and built a new Audio Visual closet in bay 140. Access flooring throughout included an exceptional finish of stained concrete, with a stainless steel metal border. Our team successfully managed the installation of modular glass walls and FF&E that is also of exceptional quality. The AMG team also coordinated very well with assisting the separate Audio Visual contractor, to ensure they completed their success.

Contract Completion: August 2020

Contract Amount: $6,049,654.00

Contract #: W9126G-16-C-0074

Fort Sam

Renovation of Building 16 West Wing

Performance Evaluation: AMG received an “exceptional rating” for project management and safety on this project. We received a “very good” rating for quality control, schedule and regulatory compliance.

Statement of Work: This project included renovating nearly the entire west wing of building 16. AMG successfully gutted the entire area and framed interior load bearing walls with offices, a telecommunications room and an audio visual room. This project was an ICD-705 accredited project.

Contract Completion: March 2019

Contract Amount: $5,570,000.00

Contract #: W9126G-15-C-0103

Fort Sam

AR NORTH Headquarters

Performance Evaluation: AMG received an “Exceptional” rating for project management, regulatory compliance and safety on this project. We also received a “Very Good” rating for quality control and schedule.

Statement of Work: Building 4196- demolition of offices and renovation to include metal stud partitions, HVAC, electrical, Fire Suppression, interior finishes and interior security cages. Building 2186- Installation of a funeral honors pavilion. This scope included site work, structural concrete, steel erection, roofing and electrical. Building 4203- Included interior renovation to include intrusion detection system (IDS), access control (Card readers and programming), electrical and misc. finishes. Building 2001- Renovation of an existing building to convert it into a SCIF.

Contract Completion: February 16, 2018

Contract Amount: $3,047,798

Contract #: W9126G-15-C-0104


Lackland Paving – Ambulatory Care Center Phase 3

Performance Evaluation: AMG received an “above average” on our CPARS evaluation for quality, schedule and management on this project. The allotted time was very aggressive and AMG rose to the challenge completing this one on time and within budget. Our evaluation for schedule states: “Several change orders were issued and Contractor worked proactively to sequence activities so delays were minimized.” Our very good rating for quality states: “Contractor did a good job in ensuring the correct materials were used and recommended several no-cost changes for approval to produce a higher quality product.”

Statement of Work: The project scope included; earthwork, site concrete, asphalt paving, electrical and landscaping to pave a new road between Wilford Hall and the ACC hospital.

Contract Completion: November 2018

Contract Amount: $1,264,662.00

Contract #: W9126G-17-C-0020

Corpus Christi Army Depot

HVAC Upgrades, Building 1880

Statement of Work: AMG successfully completed the Mechanical retrofit/upgrade of the system in building 1880 on the Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi. This project also included electrical upgrades and interior finish improvements (e.g. suspended ceiling replacement, paint, etc.).

Contract Completion: May 2017

Contract Amount: $390,892.00

Contract #: W9126G-15-C-0078

Fort Hood

Operational Readiness Training Complex

Statement of Work: Design-build consisting of two (2) four story barracks, one (1) officers’ quarters building, and one (1) battalion headquarters building.

Contract Completion: November, 2016

Contract Amount: $42,807,624.00

Contract #: W9126G-12-C-0043

Fort Sam

Renovation of Building 905

Performance Evaluation: AMG Contractors received a “very good” rating on Quality, Management, Regulatory Compliance and Safety.

Statement of Work: Full renovation of four (4) three story buildings that make up building 905

Contract Completion: April 25, 2016

Contract Amount: $6,241,000.00

Contract #: W9126G-14-D-0002

Lackland AFB

MWD Kennels

Performance Evaluation: AMG received an “Exceptional” rating for Cost Control and a “Very Good” rating for Quality, Schedule, Project Management, Regulatory Compliance, and Safety.

Statement of Work: AMG successfully completed a challenging design-build project of installing new solar heat screens, bird netting and structural steel reinforcement on 23 dog kennel buildings at Lackland Airforce base training facility.

Contract Completion: September 25, 2015

Contract Amount: $1,718,303.00

Contract #: W9126G-14-C-0097

Fort Hood

Repair Recycle Center Facility Bldg. 4621

Statement of Work: Project included various repairs to building 4621 consisting of relocating fire alarm pull boxes, vertical relocation of NG gas line, roof repair cost analysis, partial paving replacement. In addition AMG constructed two (2) in-floor conveyor pits and subsequently installed new single stream conveyor equipment.

Contract Completion: August 19th, 2016

Contract Amount: $3,485,667

Contract #: W9126G-15-C-0004

Corpus Christi Army Depot

Hangar 43

Statement of Work: Scope of work consist of construction renovations of over 15,000 Square Feet of Hanger 43, which included lead and asbestos abatement, Structural steel erection, metal stud framing, finishes for offices, erections of flyovers, roofing, lighting, mechanical and distribution of power generation.

Contract Completion: June 30, 2017

Contract Amount: $8,377,225

Contract #: W9126G-14-D-0002-0002

Randolph AFB

Renovate B902 3rd Floor East Wing

Statement of Work: Project consisted of a complete renovation of the 2nd floor east wing of building 902 to include a full interior gut followed by metal stud framing, drywall, and all interior finishes. Scope also included an entire HVAC retrofit to the east wing and electrical upgrades.

Contract Completion: December 20, 2015

Contract Amount: $1,618,926.00

Contract #: W9126G-14-C0-0108

Lackland AFB

Building 2000 & 2007 (Security Hill)

Statement of Work: Design-build project involving the remodel of over 20 offices, building a CMU dumpster enclosure, erected a metal hard stand walkway and installed brick paving.

Contract Completion: June 14, 2013

Contract Amount: $2,358,163

Contract #: W912BV-11-C-0035

Corpus Christi Army Depot

Hangar 44 & 43

Statement of Work: Project consisted of renovation and repair of Hanger 43 & 44 roof. Removed and replaced 99,470 sf of EPDM low sloped (flat) roofing for Hanger 43. Project also included demolition and installation of a compass calibration pad for Hanger 44.

Contract Completion: August 8th, 2013

Contract Amount: $1,881,142

Contract #: W9126G-12-C0099

Camp Bullis

Supporting Medical Facilities

Statement of Work: Project consisted of engineered concrete slab and erection of a pre-engineered metal clear span canopy structure with a standing seam metal roof.

Contract Completion: November 7, 2011

Contract Amount: $1,200,000

Contract #: W9126G-11-C-0004